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SErvices & Pricing

NC Concealed Carry $135 All-Inclusive Package

This course is for all law abiding U.S. Citizens who wish to carry a concealed handgun for their personal or family safety. In this course, you will gain the required knowledge of handgun safety along with instruction on the laws and the obligations of the concealed handgun carrier. Upon the successful completion of this course you will receive a certificate from the NC Justice Academy which will be needed to apply for a Concealed Carry Handgun Permit from the county in which you reside.


The All Inclusive Package will include usage of 1 gun (.22lr caliber), 1 pair of eye protection, 1 pair of ear protection and the ammo which will be provided by our company.  

You are more than welcome to use/bring your own firearm and that will drop the price to only $110. (You will need to bring your own Ear /Eye Protection and Ammo to class.)

***Payment to hold position in the class should be made at least 1-week before class date.

Basics of Pistols  $75

This course strictly follows the NRA Basic Pistol Curriculum and is a one day course. This course provides a very basic overview of basic firearms handling and marksmanship. Subject areas covered at a basic level are:

  • Safe firearm handling rules.

  • Firearm handling practice including firearm loading, unloading, and handling in the classroom using dummy rounds.

  • Complete overview of pistol types, construction and function with classroom examples.

  • Ammunition design, function, selection and usage.

  • Pistol maintenance and cleaning.

  • Proper and safe storage options.

  • Concepts of marksmanship skill. High round count instruction and practice at the range.

  • An NRA certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the course.

Private Instruction - TBD

We do offered the option to take one of our courses in a more controlled or private atmosphere.  This will allow for the students who may be hesitant or leery about learning about firearms and CCW skills in a class the opportunity to take the courses in a smaller group.  You will still receive the same level of detail we provide in our larger classes.

The same rules apply for the CCW course. You are not required to own a handgun in order to participate in this class.

*** Due to Covid-19 and the shortage of guns and ammo, it has affected the availability of guns and ammo. There will be a $25 fee for the usage of 1 gun and ammo provide by our company.  

Eyes and Ears protection will be available if needed.

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